The Silvery Path

I slept beneath the moon last night
And walked the paths of silver light
‘Neath shadows of the wakened trees
Through mists that flowed like darkened seas

Off in the distance spoke the owl
Beneath his coppery feathered cowl
Of moving things beneath his eye
Of those that live and those that die

The land was stirred by Spring’s enchant
The Winter’s time of cold and damp
Was giving way to Life Renewed
No longer frost but morning dew

I looked upon the rising green
And felt the stirring pure and keen
Of passion for life’s fleeting bliss
For love and joy and fiery kiss

And then I heard an urgent call
Come to me down the length’ning hall
Of time and space, it touched my heart
And so I went to make a start

My heart then lead me so to wait
Before the mighty Ancient Gate
Of Faery deep within the Land
And there I was to patient stand

And while I stood in silence deep
And all about the world did sleep
I caught my breath as stirring sound
Came to me through the air and ground

And as I watched the Gate swung wide
And power flowed out like the Tide
To Overwhelm my mortal sense
Yet came The Bright One with me hence

And we as one then saw the sight
That freed me from my human fright
And we as one then spoke the word
That let us be so undisturbed

The First of Wild came to us then
His flesh afire, burning skin
His eyes of starlight shining bright
He pierced the darkness with the light

His countenance was fierce, unbound
His singing came forth as a sound
Of myriads of trumpets, flutes
Of violins, of drums and lutes

His stalwart breast burned as a star
Whose ending was seen from afar
As nova light, a million suns
Whose death gave life to future sons

He passed me by as quick he sped
On other errands and he led
A host of others of a kind
Like to him, of savage mind

They tarried not and spoke no word
As lo! Wild pass into the world
And what will come we do not see
Yet I feared not for hope is key

When once the Wild has passed me by
And darkness filled the quiet sky
There came forth from the open Door
A ray of light not like before

And then I saw in silvery glow
The reason for my moonlit stroll
For on a steed of shining white
There sat an Elven Queen of Light

And with her was her Consort tall
Their radiance outshone them all
That passed before and on their heads
Was wisdom when no words were said

They led me to their ancient halls
So strong and mighty are its walls
No foe could ever within peer
There was no darkness, dread nor fear

We sat as one in silent speech
And many place and time in reach
Of seeing eyes and deepest thought
Was palely there as I they taught

Of what was past and is no more
Of what has flowed to every shore
Of what has sank beneath the waves
Of what must see these future days

Of coming change and work to do
Of those now stirring, many, few
Of spirals at the heart of life
Of perils near, the cause of strife

Of need for speed, and patience too
Of aid unlooked for, allies true
Of enemies, and challenges
Of beginnings and needed ends

So many things they put within
My mind and heart there is no end
Of what is needed, when to act
Of things to seek and who to ask

Yet at the end they spoke of hope
Of open doors and gentle folk
Returning to the mortals lands
Of willing arms and helping hands

The mortal winds both clear and keen
Awoke me from my waking dream
And I returned to Mortal Lands
To see the ever shifting sands

For nothing now can be the same
The Wild is now no longer tame
A call to arms from stirring horns
Will move the Wise now from their homes

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3 Responses to The Silvery Path

  1. Darleen says:

    Michael… I have no word or words but from the depths within an awakened weeping. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Jae Sea says:

    Wow. You’ve truly stirred the cauldron with this work. It’s wonderful! I wait now with bated breath, the listening eye to plunge the depths. More, please!

  3. Traci says:

    Wow Michael. This is so enchantingly beautiful.

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