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Angry In Her Presence

I attended my Tradition’s Festival of Hecaté ritual last night at Seelie Court in Southern Delaware. It is the 23rd time, not counting times we have performed this rite at gatherings and festivals, that we have called upon Her in … Continue reading

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I Do Not Trust You, Part II

I was asked to make one of my wall comments into an actual blog post. It has been edited for flow but not for content. It is not a far leap to keep two opposing things in your head, that is not … Continue reading

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I Do Not Trust You

I have been seeing on my Facebook wall posts from the Christianist/Dominionist friends of friends which are some variation of the following: Yes, I am a Christian. I believe the Bible. I do not support homosexuality or “homosexual marriage.” Yes, I still … Continue reading

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An Agent Provocateur In Our Midst

I have seen posted in several places a screen shot of a tweet or post or something recently written by Z Budapest. The particulars of the post are of no importance, it is simply a continuation of Budapest’s particular bias … Continue reading

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The Silvery Path

I slept beneath the moon last night And walked the paths of silver light ‘Neath shadows of the wakened trees Through mists that flowed like darkened seas Off in the distance spoke the owl Beneath his coppery feathered cowl Of … Continue reading

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Angels & Demons

I heard, second-hand, that two of my friends were having a bit of an argument over the description of an incident that one of them had experienced many years ago. The discussion was not over what had occurred nor its … Continue reading

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